How To: Reset DynaCenter Console Password Using DynaCenter Launch
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Applies To:

DynaCenter 6.5 and later


After installing DynaCenter from the AWS Marketplace and configuring DynaCenter using DynaCenter Launch, you might want to reset the DynaCenter Console password; this can be done by rerunning DynaCenter Launch.

Important: DynaCenter Launch does not currently support just resetting the DynaCenter Console password; to reset the password you will have to also provide the credentials that will be used to migrate server workloads.

More Information: 

For information on installing DynaCenter from the AWS Marketplace:


To reset the password for the DynaCenter Console:

1.  Log in to the MWS server as ec2-user.

     Example: ssh -i <private_key_specified_in_options> ec2-user@<MWS_IP_Address>

2.  On the command line, run the following command to verify the version of DynaCenter: 

     dccmd show version

3.  On the command line, do one of the following:

     • For DynaCenter 6.5.0, type: 

sudo rm -f /tmp/.fcp_no_getting_started

     • For DynaCenter 6.5.2 and later, type: 

        sudo rm –f /home/dynacenter/.dynacenter_no_launch

4.  Open a browser and navigate to https://<MWSIP>.

5.  Fill out the requested information, as a reference see:

6.  Click Configure DynaCenter.

     After DynaCenter is configured, you will be directed to the DynaCenter Console where you will be able to log in using the username and password specified in Step 5.